Admitted Students

Congratulations on your acceptance to Augustana!

你完成了第一步也是最重要的一步——录取. 如果您在接下来的步骤中有任何问题,请12bet游戏平台

We will see you on campus soon!

Next Steps

AU Students on Campus Fall 2022

Attend Admitted Students Day

我们邀请您在我们的录取学生日与我们一起再看一眼12bet游戏平台. While on campus, you will hear from AU students, city leaders, 你预期专业的老师和未来的同学. 你也将有机会参观学生宿舍并赢得奖品.

虽然我们的录取学生日已经举行了今年, 我们始终欢迎学生来奥古斯塔参观校园,并与在校学生交流, faculty and the enrollment team. 如果你有任何问题,请联系你的招生顾问.

Students on Campus

Submit a Deposit

支付您的定金,使您的承诺非盟正式. 提交押金将授予您访问剩余正式注册任务的权限.

student filling out form

File a FAFSA

Complete the FAFSA 帮助我们准备您的个性化经济援助报价. Augustana's FAFSA code is 003458.

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Apply for Scholarships

Your talents as a musician, artist, performer, athlete, writer, scientist and more may mean additional scholarships.

After Submitting an Enrollment Deposit

What happens prior to arriving on campus:

Decided on another university?

We wish you all the best! 在您走之前,请帮我们填一下表格 a brief survey.

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

Housing & Residence Life